On 2012 I attended:


which is in Colchester.

While on 2011 I attended:


which is at the Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS) at Nuffield College Oxford.

The experience has been very good in both cases; I wish I could repeat it on 2013, but I probably this time I would not get any funding for that.

I suggest it to all the graduate students: there are plenty of situations wherein to network, plus the courses are extremely interesting as well as formative (daily lessons followed by lab applications on the day-topic ). Oxford is a awsome city to visit, and Colchester is also pretty nice. In both cases, the staff of the school organizes very nice social activities on a side, like pub crowling or trip on Oxford rives (what’s the name again?) with a boat very similar to a “gondola” (see Oxford boat….”gondola style”!)