Dear readers,

Few months ago I suffered an invasion of bed bugs….well, actually, I must say “I invaded them” since when I moved in the new apt they were already there (and the old jerk-tenant did not say anything about it).

My wife and I lived horrible months in that apt…consider also that in that period I had to take the most important course, within the Ph.D. program in public economics: MICROECONOMICS. Plus, this course was not in my uni, but in Uppsala (something like a 6-hour journey by train).

If you are reading this article, you know the bed bugs and you know what effects they have on your life….I am sure you understand me when I say that period was exhausting (also, the fact that I live abroad does not help).

Looking back at this experience, I can list a chronological series of suggestions, but avoiding details (that I can provide upon request):

– first and fremost, you should know how to avoid that bed bugs come to colonize your apt/bedroom: follow the simple suggestions in this web-site (which is very useful to get a first general knwoledge about this “plague”). I add an additional one; from my experience, if you travel and sleep a lot in hotels, always check beneath your bed (if there is plastic covering the bottom, maybe this hotel has already had some problems with bed bugs) and NEVER leave open luggage under the materass/bed

– the primary clue of their presence in your apt are black spots on the sheets or beneath the materas, also you will notice hitchy red spots  on you (first, in your face, in particular, under the jaw and close/on to the eyelids)

– look close to the electric plugs in the wall (take it out if you can, and look inside), close to the baseboards, under the bed and in the bedside table; in most of the cases, they will be just in the bedroom: as I was told by an expert, they like to be close to their meal;

– you will probably have very hard time in falling asleep because the bed bugs feed during the night (this is also the reason why you will find them in the bedroom, in most of the cases)

– as soon as you have some suspect, do something!!! ask for a control by experts!!! otherwise, the bed bugs colony may increase very quickly, you will get heavy psycological and physical side effects, and also will risk to be forced to throw away much of the bedroom forniture. Get the expert to control also the forniture of your bedroom; if it is ok, move it away from the bed, put some fossil shell flour on the floor around them (I suggest not to move them in another room, because in the case there are some unnoticed bed bugs in that forniture, they may colonize other rooms too)

– once the bed bugs experts come to your apt and do their job, I suggest to hold up the guard; buy some useful stuff, and  read some stuff about the problem. Look at this useful list. You can also buil your own cheap bed bugs trap (very useful when the colony is small or when you want just to get solid evidence of their presence), look at here 

– in my case, afte the first control accomplished by the expert, I got a materass cover to wrap up my bed, I got rid of the old baseboards, and I put some fossil shell flour around the walls.

– when finally it seemed that we got rid of most of them, we got a new bed (in our case we got them reimbursed by our housing agency, since they gave this apt to us, with the bed bugs in it) that we wrapped up in a new materass cover, we also installed new baseboards and put some sylicon around the baseborad/electric plugs in the wall, etc… The materass cover and the sylicon are important to reduce the amounts of places where the bed bugs may hide (in the unfortunate case they would be back), keep on cheking often the bedroom and put some trap


I hope this helps both to avoid to face this problem and, in case it happens (do english speaking people say “shit happens”, right?)  to resolve this horrible situation. But, very important, do not panic! and search on the net!!! it is becoming a very common problem, and avoid to think that this happened because your hygienic conditions were not right ( in most of the cases this is not true!!!)