From this easy readable table you can get more doubts about the origin of the crisis. If this was driven by the public debt, as it is argued, then why Spain is in truble despite its 68.10% debt/gdp ratio, whereas Austria, Germany, France, etc… are not? And why Ireland is in truble, but Belgium is not? Why Japan and Singapore are not in trouble but Italy instead is in the eye-storm?

Attilio Folliero explains us also that Monti, who was “elected” to reduce the Italian public debt, is doing pretty badly in his original task, so either the Banca d’Italia researchers are incompetent fools or he is “elected” to accomplish a different task….otherwise I cannot find out why the media say that Monti is doing incredibly well.

See: I numeri del disastroso Governo Monti ; data obtained from Supplemento al Bollettino Statistico “Finanza pubblica, fabbisogno e debito” n. 52 del 15/10/2012