• Pierre-Andre Chiappori, Columbia University, Families and Inequality(Part I | Part II)
  • P. Dean Corbae, University of Wisconsin, Market Incompleteness and Inequality (Part I | Part II)
  • Steven Durlauf, University of Wisconsin, Social Interactions (Part I | Part II), (Overview of Inequality, Part II)
  • James Foster, George Washington University, Measuring Inequality (Part I | Part II)
  • James Heckman, University of Chicago, Early Childhood Development(Part I and Part II)(Overview of Inequality, Part I)
  • Scott Kominers, University of Chicago, Market Design Approaches to Inequality (Part I | Part II)
  • Rachel Kranton, Duke University, Identity and Inequality (Parts I and II)
  • Lance Lochner, University of Western Ontario, Education and Inequality(Part I | Part II)
  • Burton Singer, University of Florida, Abduction: Modes of Inference, Examples, and Evolving Bases of Causal Attribution (Part I | Part II)
  • Lones Smith, University of Wisconsin, The Economics of Matching (Part IPart II) “

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