The President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz made the following statement on the blocking of funds for earthquake in Italy:

“Playing political games with the possibility for people to recover from a terrible catastrophe is something the European Parliament cannot accept. The cynical hesitation from some Member States during the budget negotiations last Friday, which resulted in the blocking of solidarity funds for the earthquake in Italy, go against the direction of the fundamental values of the EU. They should feel ashamed of their position.

From the very beginning of the negotiations on Friday, the European Parliament delegation insisted to treat the €670 million for the recovery from the earthquake in Italy independently from the other open questions on the budget. Unfortunately this proposal was rejected by some Member States. They are now keeping this much needed aid as a hostage for the overall negotiations.

This is deplorable. As I discussed with Italian PM Mario Monti yesterday, Parliament will continue to defend solidarity with Italian people and the immediate unblocking of those funds as an absolute priority in the budget negotiations.”


p.s. I remember you which are these “shameless” countries: Germany, Uk, Netherlands, Finland, and Sweden; I also highlight the fact that these 5 countries are normally seen as example of civilty.