Struggles in Italy

On June 5th, after four years, sentencing in the Cucchi case has finally taken place. The court gave one doctor a two-year prison sentence and the five others 16 months. The guilty will be on parole, though, rather than going to prison as Italian law avoids detention if the penalty is less than three years. Nurses and police officers were found not guilty because the court found that Stefano Cucchi died from malnutrition and dehydration.

Stefano Cucchi, a 31 year-old surveyor from Rome, was arrested on October 15th 2009 and charged with drug possession as he was apparently carrying 29 grams of hashish, some cocaine and anti-epilepsy drugs. In prison he was beaten and severely injured by three police officers. His body was covered in bruises, several of his internal organs were ruptured, and his jaw, abdomen and two vertebrae were fractured. Although he was taken to hospital, doctors…

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