“unlearning Economics”

Unlearning Economics

Economists often express incredulity toward people who target their criticisms at an amorphous entity called ‘economics’ (perhaps prefixed with ‘neoclassical’ or ‘mainstream’), instead of targeting specific areas of the discipline. They point out that, contrary to the popular view of economists as a group who are excessively concerned with theory, a majority of economic papers are empirical. Sometimes, even the discipline’s most vehement defenders are happy to disown the theoretical areas-such as macroeconomics-which attract the most criticism, whilst still insisting that, broadly speaking, economists are a scientifically minded bunch.

Perhaps surprisingly, I agree somewhat with this perspective. I think there is a disconnect within economics: between the core theories (neoclassical economics, or marginalism) and econometrics.* I believe the former to be logically, empirically and methodologically unsound. However, I believe the latter – though not without its problems – has all the hallmarks of a much better way to do ‘science’…

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