Treat your supervisor right!

The Thesis Whisperer

How does a thesis look from the other side? This guest post is written by Dr Kristin Natalier, a qualitative researcher and senior lecturer in the School of Sociology and Social Work, University of Tasmania. If you catch her on a good day Kris will admit she actually quite likes working with research students on their projects.In this post Kristin sets out her manifesto for treating your supervisor right!

It’s not me, it’s you. Do you treat your supervisor right?

Supervisors can be difficult.  We can be eccentric. We can be tetchy. We can lose your drafts and forget to give you feedback. Sometimes we don’t treat you right. But it’s not all a one way street – sometimes you treat us bad, too. Here are some questions to ponder …

Do you roll your eyes when your supervisor offers advice?

Supervisors know stuff. We have spent years…

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