I have recently obtained my doctorate in economics, and I specialized in labor economics. My research interests embrace also other areas of applied microeconomics though, such as education and urban economics. I research causes and consequences of disadvantageous treatments, in particular discrimination, and I do that with both experimental techniques and econometric techniques applied to administrative data.

In this blog there are many links to web-sites, .pdf, videos, etc…if someone feels I am not respecting the copyright laws, I invite him/her to write me a private message, and I will immediately remove the resource.

This blog was first born with the following purposes: i) spread information about the economic crisis in the EU and the related problems caused by the EU common currency, ii) tell the story about my stay in Sweden (where I have lived for 5 years and finally obtained my doctorate), iii) tell funny facts and describe my view of the world, and, probably most important, iv) share both information on the PhD students’ lives and useful material for the doctorate studies in economics.
Now, this blog is more focused on point iv), even though once in awhile I write about funny facts too 🙂

Sports and political-economics are my primary interests; moreover, I run and mountainbike, I love cooking and playing chess, I like to study foreign languages and I am a big E. A. Poe fan!

I am married to a splendid Minnesota girl who makes my everyday life very joyous.

p.s. of course, Italy and Minnesota are my favourite places