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Split table in doc

Yes, I have spent my 20′ on this banal issue…


It often happens to me that I have to check on internet for the solution to some minor (and annoying) problem with my machine. And always they ask also to provide information about the system I am using.

So, here it is the thing:

Very easy, but I always forget it…..

If you wonder how to put a side header into your paper, e.g., you want to write that it is a “work in progress” document, the link below will help you in that

I tried it, and I confirm it works out well, even if at the beginning it may seem difficult to understand.

My suggestion is to try it in an empty .doc, and then repeat the procedure in your paper, or whatever you are working on.


First – Create a .pdf

Second – Print it as .pdf

Third – Print again as .pdf

Fourth – Advanced options

Fifth – Print as image

et voilà les jeux sont fait

….this is the solution (for Microsoft Office – Word)