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Get a PhD—but leave academia as soon as you graduate

We will see how my job hunt proceeds, never shut doors a priori


“People are not as rational as economists would like to believe, but there are ways to nudge people into doing what’s best for them.”

How language can affect the way we think

Keith Chen (TED Talk: Could your language affect your ability to save money?) might be an economist, but he wants to talk about language. For instance, he points out, in Chinese, saying “this is my uncle” is not as straightforward as you might think. In Chinese, you have no choice but to encode more information about said uncle. The language requires that you denote the side the uncle is on, whether he’s related by marriage or birth and, if it’s your father’s brother, whether he’s older or younger.

“All of this information is obligatory. Chinese doesn’t let me ignore it,” says Chen. “In fact, if I want to speak correctly, Chinese forces me to constantly think about it.”

This got Chen wondering: Is there a connection between language and how we think and behave? In particular, he wanted to know: does our language affect our economic decisions? So he designed a study

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Feral Cities

Some funny facts on the increase of the wild animals population in urban areas, from the National Geographic

How Animals are Going Urban Like Never Before

Down town facts on urban animals

Cecchini tedeschi che fanno il safari in Ucraina

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A panel discussion with Germany’s Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble, Alessandra Casella, Edmund Phelps, Joseph Stiglitz and Jan Svejnar


Questo post è per chi, come me, non aveva capito o non si era chiesto e ora se lo chiede, che differenza c’è tra questi apparenti sinonimi.

Se guardi giù il post è piuttosto lungo, lo so, non c’hai voglia di leggerlo tutto, ma pensa che è un riassunto! Prova!

Sei disoccupato in modo diverso a seconda dei casi.

Perché non fare le cose semplici? Perché, sai, ci sono tante casistiche e ogni situazione è diversa dall’altra…bla bla bla: una gran confusione insomma. Inoltre lo sai che gli uffici pubblici non hanno il dono della semplicità. Ecco perché servono dei professionisti che facciano il lavoro di spiegarti le cose.

L’ordinamento giuridico in materia ci impone una riflessione di tipo semantico oltre che tecnico. Che vuol dire? Ora provo a mettere ordine con poche parole.

Sei disoccupato, cioè non sei occupato, sei a casa, non hai nulla da fare? L’INPS…

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Chinese Map Of Europe


If you know what this is, then you know what this is.
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Chinese Map Of Europe

Previously; “China, translated”

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An article on Quartz summarizes the possible answer to this question.

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