For nice pictures about bike tours, I also suggest to visit the following web-site:, where you can also find tracks, altimetries, refreshment points, and many pics about the nature of Piedmont and surrounding area.

Top of the Appenines – At the north, the Alps covered with snow in the background.

Top of the Appenines – The very top, Fort Geremia.

Top of the Appenines – At the south, the Ligurian Sea and Voltri’s port.

Natural Park – Capanne di Marcarolo.

Laghi di Lavagnina .

Cyprus room’s view (during EALE conference).

Mother sea: the Mediterraneum.

Maltese archipelago, 1.

Maltese archipelago, 2.

Maltese courtyard.

Broken ice in Superior lake.

Frozen Goosberry falls.

MJ and I.

Panel about Europeans.

Villabella – Giarole route.

Saint Malo dusk “painting”.

126 Pumpkin in Varsaw, for Halloween.

Gran Canyon sky at sunset.

Minnesotan country side trail in the snowy winter.

Zion narrows, 1.

Gran Canyon afternoon view.

Zion narrows, 2.

colline mon

The hills have “junk” – Alfiano Natta.