Maybe some of you does not know that my first language actually is not Italian, but Piedmontese. By that I do not mean that at home we prominently spoke Piedmontese, but simply that this is the language that comes from my regions and is actually currently spoken by my grandparents….so it is more on a chronological ground that my statement is based upon.

Still, I understand Peidmontese pretty well, although I find it quite hard to speak (I am not used to, after all)…I will always write Piedmontes in my CV, at least amongst my hobbies. As you can read from the link I provide beneath this post, it has been officially recongnized by Unesco, and other institutions try to conserve it.

In the web-page above linked, you find also other links very useful for nostalgic people, or with a lot of curiosity…or, why not, for people who study languages.

For a brief introduction to Piedmontese, I suggest the following link (that I have chosen amongst those found above)